1. Q:  How could I search my desired product through the "search" bar from the left side of this website?

       A:You should input only one key word from the full name of the product you would like to search. 

For example, you should firstly input only one key word ''VHB'' into the search bar if you would like to search the product named "VHB foam tape" as its full name, then you may click ''enter'' key on the keyboard of your computer to get the result finally.

   2. Q: What's the current edging technology for panel-type furniture?

       A: In general, the edges of panel-type furniture to be machined can be divided into straight edges and curved edges according to the edges' shapes. With the panel-type furniture promotion, direct/straight edge need to be added some curved components in production to beautify the product modeling and improve the value of the entire workpiece. 

Currently, most of the furniture's edges are operated by edging machines. Edge banding machines can be divided into manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic according to the degree of automation. You can use ordinary straight edge banding machine, or you can also use a soft molded edge banding machine. Relatively speaking, the curve edge processing is more complex, you can use manual edge banding machines, machining centers, CNC Edge semi-automatic or fully automatic machine.

Edge lines is commonly used in office furniture and cabinets on the shape of a simple product, configuration, the main consideration of changes in production and features, such as PVC or ABS edge banding edge banding and other materials to be added scraper; of solid wood edge section, an additional finishing knife and sanding device to ensure the quality of edge effects from low winter temperatures, the best choice for far-infrared preheating device with edge banding machines; other alternative is also a lot of additional configuration, such as automatic Tracking fillet trimming function, milling devices.

Edge curve can be processed in several ways. Most manufacturers use hand edge machining curved parts, especially those within the arc of the plate parts, sealing machine by wheel diameter can be processed to determine the maximum depth of the curve. Use hand-sealed curved edge banding machine is simple, low investment characteristics. However, due to the use of hand-Edge, the quality is relatively low, mainly in the bonding strength is low, repeat accuracy, rework rate is higher. Manual sealing machine for the same time the thick edge of the commonly used (1.0-3.0mm) edge is relatively difficult, but some parts are not visible on the use of the thin edge of the (0.4-1.0mm) can be straight, curveprocessing. Usually manual and automatic edge banding machine with straight edge machine generally used to meet product requirements, while only a straight edge for the product will improve efficiency, reduce production costs.

In order to achieve a stable curve edge high quality level, we need a CNC machining centers or CNC edge banding machine, both machines for some special sealing surface can show special advantages, such as the use of edge can make the circle with the length of the counter the smallest gap edge docking, more suitable for manufacturing high-end furniture products. The difference is the processing center panel saw can cut from the elements forming the final parts of the whole process, and a dedicated CNC machine can only complete edge sealing and trimming process, the shortcomings of using the processing center is closed edge The total processing time occupies a larger edge, reducing overall productivity.

3. Q: Free samples are available? and 8 new ways to produce more economic and more eco-friendly PET PP BOPP TISSUE VHB MASK ANTI-SLIP ARTIFICIAL GRASS SEAMING industrial double-sided foam tapes or 6 new methods to buy much cheaper pvc pp pe pmma abc plastic edge bandings in stock for sale made in China from factory?

   A: Yes, of course! Our factory could meet all of your above needs now if we could communicate well.

Let me know soon if you are interested in our PET EVA BOPP TISSUE VHB MASKING ANTI-SLIP ARTIFICIAL GRASS SEAMING, ETC industrial double-sided foam tapes, or  pvc pp pe pmma abc plastic edge bandings in stock for sale, please send email to: info@pacesetter-tapes.com, and we will reply your inquiry asap, thanks in advance!