• PVC/ABS/PP/PE/PMMA plastic edge banding for panel-type furniture

Name:PVC/ABS/PP/PE/PMMA plastic edge banding for panel-type furniture
Material:PVC, ABS, PP, PE, PMMA
Color:single color, wood grain
Surface printing:Uniform smooth wood and embossing clear ,free of dirt.
Yellowing resistance:5 level
Surface resistance:Anti pollution capacity, anti permeability 10h above
surface abrasion resistance:25-40r
Surface hardness:H-HB
Flexural toughness:More than 10 times
Hot deformation temperature:50-60°

Product Description

As a professional edge band supplierShanghai pacesetter tapes manufacturing co.,ltd  not only supplys edge bandings, but also impress one kinds of cultural trend, expressing the continual purse for person toward life and art.

We will bring you the world popular trend that can lead the china marketing mix domestic and foreign fashionable style, high quality decorative Edge band products. We aim at “share prosperous with you”, follow to “Thinking for customer idea, Making for customer need, leading decorative edge band trend” as management  idea, considering design and style as leader, all-round service as center.

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PVC/ABS/PP/PE/PMMA plastic edge banding for panel-type furniture


Pacesetter PVC/ABS/PP/PE edge banding series has very good physics property, chemical property and mechanical property. All customers actual requirements can be customized well.